The Story of Great North Roads

My name is Simon Farrugia and I am the owner of Great North Roads.  I brought my company about 15 years ago from a dear friend, Peter Marshall.

The company was called Great North Roads incorporating Military World. I fell in love with the product when I went to a show in Folkestone Euro Militare. I was told from a friend about this company downstairs. I was at Peter’s stand for about an hour and boy did he love to talk!

After spending a couple of hundred pounds I went home and started putting them together. The buildings  had high detail and painted up so easilly – far better than I can say about other products on the market that I used to buy.

Then at some point Peter asked me if I wanted to buy the company from him. I jumped at the chance!  So 15 years later I still love producing my product for modellers and coming up with new items every year.

My product is made from Dental Plaster, which is both dense and heavy. It is far more robust than Plaster of Paris, which is very poor quality and crumbles when broken.

When using my product there is no need to prime the plaster you can paint straight  on top. What I would recommend is that you take the product out of its packaging and let it stand on a flat surface. Use PVA glue and wipe the excess off and leave for 24 hours to set.

My product is for young and old modellers and even for first timers too.

I would just like to say THANK YOU to every one world wide that has brought and supported my product over the years. I hope that I can carry of producing and coming up with new ideas for every one.

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